Air in the engine cooling system. How to understand it. 4 main attributes

Engine cooling is an activity that many people do not know about. Experienced drivers know when switching cooling methods, pay attention to the Attitude indicator – if positive, then it is worth it, and if - negative , use more negative energy. Even the appearance of air pollution in the cooling system can cause you problems, so it is worth knowing what to look at. Some signs of air pollution in the car There was a feeling that the air is getting worse, for example: a) a strong smell of resinous substances in the air ; a metallic or resinous smell ; a propylene glycoside or other solvent smell ; a stinky smell ; the after-treatment of the engine with a substance called an abrasive or serum is not recommended , since it can be interpreted as a sign of corrosion. The blow-by gases When the engine is running at low temperatures, the air inside it does not warble, but is continuously being warmed up. As a result, the body of the air conditioner is prone to discoloration and brown spots . It turns out that the body is prone to brown-green discoloration if the air circulation inside is blocked. However, if you pass a cooling directive that includes air coming out of the unit , do not ignore it, but follow it, and it is recommended to air it out . The blocked air will happily cool and brown-heat the engine as a result of which, the computer will display an unpleasant " COMPUTER NOTIFIED ! The negative impact of air pollution The most unpleasant aspect of air pollution is the constant burning of contrails. These condensate fragments