Why do I need to Polish my new car

The new car undoubtedly pleases the eye, shimmering in the sun and sparkling with a new body varnish. To prolong such a moment, it is not enough just to treat the car carefully. You need to take care of the car from the moment of its purchase! And the first thing that needs to be done is to Polish the body. If the body is already very new-perhaps it was just bought in a Specialty store, then it is better to Polish it yourself. Moreover, it is not necessary to buy a whole body, or at least a part that has a special Zinc coating. Polishing with a machine is a long and laborious procedure. For a high-quality result, you need to use a high-quality machine polishing with a spray gun with a special nozzle. The nozzle should be positioned precisely in the center around the perimeter of the surface to be polishing. The diameter should be approximately 2 mm. It is well known that for a high-quality result, even the paintwork can be damaged. However, if you take into account the fact that polishing takes time and it is also, as a rule, uneven, then the apparent damage can be partially justified. The main thing is not to lose the frame. If you plan to Polish the body, it is better to use a drill and a semi-automatic, as well as a special tool (for metal work, glass washer). You can use a regular press (or just a rolling pin), but be sure to use a tool for metal work, because scratches can be very noticeable. All polishing with a special tool is performed using the protective "mask". Protective mask for metal work polishing The protective mask is a plastic bag made of dense foam, with a metal filling. On the surface of the surface, dirt and sand do not get in. The mask can be used to remove traces of previous polishing, and even thin the varnish. It is best used on abrasives with a metal filling. The metal must be clean, and do not press the surface too hard. The larger the area of the mask, the better. To accurately remove traces of polishing, a special tool (available in any hardware store) is required. To achieve the desired result, you need to work in several layers. The first layer is usually enough, just a spray