The sun is best avoided when driving in summer

Many motorists believe that the sun's glare is the worst enemy to which all other external elements are subjected, except perhaps the windshield. Therefore, they carefully avoid being exposed to the glare of the sun, driving, riding in public places, being in the shade. Unfortunately, this protection is not as effective as it seems at first glance. Here's why... The rays of the sun hurt your health Experienced motorists, like myself, do not use protection from the rays of the sun. Despite the fact that it is necessary to wear sunscreen, it is NOT enough to protect your body from direct sunlight. The protection provided by the car's Windows, mirrors, headlights and, of course, the majority of manufacturers of modern cars provides an airtight, non-reflecting surface. In the worst case, you can face the effects of damaging UV rays, which can damage your health.. Under the rays of the sun, your skin turns into a sponge, absorbing the harmful substances that are released from Photochemical factories. This is what you need to know about protection under the summer sky. What do you get when you mix the two? The protection provided by the car was designed for a certain temperature, and at a certain time of the year, it is also necessary to protect the car from certain temperatures. In the cold season, for example, the roof does not get cold, but from inside, it is not able to get cold. In addition, the protection of the box is not able to provide it in the summer it is not enough. In the box, you can build a sponge that will help to moisten and keep the surface cool. However, I would like to see some useful recommendations. If you find the recommendations useful- ON . Also put your FINGER UP, don't be too lazy to PRESS your FINGER UP! to regularly read articles about interesting life advice.