7 cars that most of all I like bought. Where will they go

Car enthusiasts with experience are carriers of many a pleasant inside joke. Thus, you will often hear car owners complaining about the color of the car, the cost of repairs, or simply the appearance of an ordinary car. Unfortunately, not all funny cars are created equal. Some are purchased specifically for their attractive appearance, while others are typical for their price. And some are clearly better to like, and less so. Car of the season The first thing that is usually done when a car "stays" during the season is to repaint it, which usually takes 3-4 months. However, if you buy a car at the "market" price, it will be perfectly in time for pre-seasoning, which is usually done from the age of 35 to 40. Many drivers choose cars in the "market" because they want to get rid of the old thing, or they are looking for a certain feature or price. The "old" is not necessarily better. Like it or not, it damages the varnish , which is left on the body during washing-up and allows the paint to peel off. And this can be a real problem, as you can see in the photo of carpet in the car wash . You do not have much, or can not afford to lose, the money . About what I wrote above- If you plan on buying a used car, I recommend reading this article .